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Global Responsibility

The University of Zurich is committed to active engagement with the wider community and supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals through its research, teaching and daily operations. UZH aims to reduce global inequality and addresses global challenges by engaging in the following international networks and university-wide programs.

United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI)

UNAI is a United Nations (UN) initiative that aligns institutions of higher education with the UN in supporting and contributing to the realization of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The University of Zurich has been selected to serve as a UNAI Hub for SDG-13 Climate Action from 2018–2021.

University Global Coalition

The idea behind the University Global Coalition is to form a global platform of universities and other higher education organizations committed to working together with the United Nations, SDSN and other relevant organizations. This coalition aims to support the Sustainable Development Goals both locally and globally through education, research and service missions.

Scholars at Risk

UZH is a member of the Scholars at Risk organization. This international network of universities safeguards academic freedom and protects researchers who are under threat. UZH is also a member of the Scholars at Risk Switzerland Section.
Website Scholars at Risk Network
Scholars at Risk Switzerland Section

Discovery Program for Refugees

The Discovery Program for Refugees is a joint initiative of the International Relations Office (IRO) and the University of Zurich Student Association VSUZH. It enables refugees with previous academic experience to attend German classes and lectures as guest auditors and to experience student life at UZH. This allows them to prepare for a later application to UZH, should this be an option, or for a job in Switzerland.
Website Global Student Experience: Discovery Program for Refugees
Website VSUZH: Discovery Program for Refugees

North-South Cooperation

The UZH North-South Cooperation promotes the knowledge transfer and intercultural mutual learning with universities and research institutions in the Global South. Central to all activities is a commitment to a reciprocal partnership between the cooperating institutions and individuals. 
Website International Relations Office: UZH North-South Cooperation

Iran Program

As of autumn 2017, UZH together with the Stiftung Mercator Switzerland are promoting the exchange of knowledge and intercultural dialogue with scientific institutions in Iran. The Iran program offers grants to UZH members for study, research and teaching stays in Iran, and supports summer schools and seminars that are jointly organized with institutions of higher education in Iran.
Website Stiftung Mercator Switzerland
Website International Relations Office: Iran program