The Four Representative Bodies at UZH

The designated representative bodies

The four representative bodies at UZH according to §19 of the University Act are:

  • Students (S)
  • Junior Researchers (WNW)
  • Senior Researchers and Teaching Staff (FFL)
  • Administrative and Technical Staff (ATP)


Composition of the representative bodies

Students include students enrolled at UZH on the following degree programs:

  • Bachelor’s programs
  • Master’s programs
  • Teaching Diploma for Upper Secondary Education

Junior Researchers include:

  • Enrolled PhD candidates at UZH (whether employed by the university or not)
  • Researchers in junior academic positions (student assistants, teaching and research assistants, senior teaching and research assistants, post-docs)

Senior Researchers and Teaching Staff include:

  • Academic associates
  • Attending physicians
  • Teaching staff with a private-law employment contract
  • Teaching staff who are remunerated according to a posting agreement

The fourth representative body is composed of the Administrative and Technical Staff (ATP).

  • It includes people who are employed at UZH and who are generally not involved in research and teaching (§10e para. 1 University Statues).