Change of Membership

Request to change representative body membership

There are several reasons why a person who could potentially be a member of more than one representative body may wish to exercise their co-determination rights in a body other than the one they were automatically assigned to. The most common reasons are:

  • They are concurrently employed in at least two positions which would permit allocation to two different representative bodies (e.g. employment as ATP and employment as a junior researcher).
  • They are currently employed as ATP at the same time as being enrolled as a PhD candidate.

Standard requests

It is possible to request to change which representative body you belong to. Provided you are indeed eligible for membership of the representative body you wish to change to, the request will be approved without further examination.

Exceptional requests

In exceptional cases, a change of representative body membership may be requested even if it is not officially an option. In such cases, the General Secretariat will assess the substance of the request.
People requesting such a change must explain their motivation

Bachelor’s students, Master’s students and those studying for the Teaching Diploma for Upper Secondary Education may not change representative bodies, even if they are also employed at UZH (§ 26 a para. 1 University Statutes).

Form "Request to Change Representative Body Membership"

In all cases, please use the Request Form to request a change of representative body membership.