Extended Executive Board of the University

The Extended Executive Board of the University is the body responsible for all academic matters at UZH (University Act § 32).


  • Prof. Dr. Michael O. Hengartner, President

Deputy President

  • Prof. Dr. Gabriele Siegert

Vice Presidents

  • Prof. Dr. Michael Schaepman, Vice President Research
  • Prof. Dr. Gabriele Siegert, Vice President Education and Student Affairs
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Schwarzenegger, Vice President Faculty Affairs and Scientific Information

Vice President Medicine

  • Prof. Dr. Beatrice Beck Schimmer

Director of Finances and Human Resources

  • Stefan Schnyder, Dipl. Ing.

Director of Real Estate and Facility Management

François Chapuis


  • Prof. Dr. Peter Opitz (Faculty of Theology)
  • Prof. Dr. Brigitte Tag (Faculty of Law)
  • Prof. Dr. Harald Gall (Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Information Technology)
  • Prof. Dr. Rainer Weber (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Prof. Dr. Roger Stephan (Vetsuisse Faculty, Zurich)
  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Jonas (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)
  • Prof. Dr. Roland Sigel (Faculty of Science)


  • Prof. Dr. Wolf Blanckenhorn
  • Prof. Dr. André C. Wohlgemuth

Non-Professorial Academic Staff

  • Nora Bertram
  • Francesca Franzoso

Student Body

  • Luisa Lichtenberger
  • Polina Pokrovskaya

General Secretary's Office

  • Dr. Rita Stöckli (General Secretary, advisory capacity)
  • Dr. Sandra Engler (Secretary, advisory capacity)

Chair of the Gender Equality Commission

  • Prof. Dr. Katja Rost (advisory capacity)

Representative of Administrative and Technical Staff

  • lic. iur. Ladina Tschander (advisory capacity)
  • lic. phil. Sibylle Dorn (advisory capacity)

General Counsel

  • Isabella Balmer, lic. iur. LLM (advisory capacity)

Head of Communications

  • Jürg Dinner, lic. oec. publ. (advisory capacity)