Ulrich Jakob Looser

Ulrich Looser

"The University of Zurich with its international reputation for excellence in research and teaching makes a major contribution to enhancing Switzerland’s appeal as a place to live and work. UZH can rely on its strengths in research and teaching; in accordance with its organizational structure, the University takes advantage of creative freedoms to work toward the future, heightening the University of Zurich’s standing in global competition as a top institution for researchers, teachers and students."


Ulrich Jakob Looser earned a Master's degree in physics at ETH Zurich and in economics at the University of St. Gallen. After gaining experience in IT at the company Bruker-Spectrospin in Fällanden, Ulrich Jakob Looser was partner at McKinsey & Company Ltd. and took on various management roles at Accenture Ltd., including the position of chairman at Accenture Switzerland. Today, Mr. Looser is partner at Berg, Looser, Rauber & Partners AG (BLR & Partners AG).

Ulrich Jakob Looser also holds several mandates in governing councils (for example, at Straumann), is board member at economiesuisse (chairperson of the commission for education and research since 2012) and member of the Foundation Council and Executive Committee of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). As chairperson of the Financial Committee, Mr. Looser is also member of the Executive Committee of the Foundation Board of the Swiss Study Foundation and was member of the industrial co-committee at the Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI until 2006.