Einstein & Co. – Zurich and the Nobel Prize

Magazine accompanying the exhibition at the Stadthaus (2015)

A magazine with articles and images about Zurich's Nobel laureates was published accompanying the exhibition "Einstein & Co. – Zurich and the Nobel Prize" at the Stadthaus Zürich:
Magazin (PDF, 7 MB) (in German)

Talk with Rolf Zinkernagel and Michael Hengartner

How do you win the Nobel Prize? As part of the program for the exhibition «Einstein & Co. – Zurich and the Nobel Prize,» immunologist Rolf Zinkernagel, one of the University of Zurich’s twelve Nobel Prize laureates, discussed with Michael Hengartner, molecular biologist and President of UZH, what the hallmarks of groundbreaking research are and how the world’s most renowned prize in scholarship affects the life of a researcher.
The podium discussion was moderated by the editors of UZH Magazin.

Audio recording of the talk in the