QS World University Rankings 2016

UZH has moved up 5 places in the QS Rankings since last year and is currently ranked among the top 80 universities worldwide. Since 2012, UZH has moved up a total of 10 places.

UZH realized satisfying results in this year’s overall QS Rankings and is currently ranked 80th in the world. This represents an improvement of five places in the last year alone, and ten places since 2012.

A review of the six individual indicators shows that UZH not only scored well for the international composition of its teaching staff, but also for its good student-instructor ratio: UZH is ranked 40th for the internationality of its teaching staff, and placed first within Switzerland for its student to instructor ratio. On a global level, only 52 other universities were awarded a better score for their student to instructor ratio.

UZH also posted solid results in the surveys on reputation. Both academic peers and employers rated UZH among the top 120 universities worldwide, with the employer surveys in particular indicating gains in the last 12 months.

UZH is now looking forward to the results of the QS Subject Rankings, which will be published in spring 2017.

About the Rankings:

The annual QS Rankings are based on an assessment of data collected for over 900 universities worldwide. Reputational surveys among employers and academic peers accounts for a large part of the overall score. Another key factor is the evaluation of bibliometric data from the SCOPUS database.

The Rankings are composed of six indicators with different weightings:

  • academic reputation (40%)
  • citations (20%)
  • student to instructor ratio (20%)
  • employer reputation (10%)
  • ratio of international teaching staff (5%)
  • ratio of international students (5%)