QS World University Rankings 2018

In this year’s QS World University Rankings, the University of Zurich has moved up seven places and is now ranked 73rd of the over 950 higher education institutions assessed. This means that UZH now numbers among the top 8% of all universities included in the ranking, and in the top 1% of all universities in the world.

UZH with Best Student-Instructor Ratio in Switzerland

In the latest QS Ranking, UZH rated particularly well in the indicators student-instructor ratio (43) and proportion of international instructors (44). The data on the student-to-instructor ratio are surprisingly positive both on the national and international stage: As Switzerland’s largest university, UZH is in first place; worldwide, the University improved by 10 ranks. Regarding the proportion of international members of the teaching staff, UZH – along with all Swiss higher education institutions – is a global leader. Other universities have made ground in the indicator “proportion of international students,” in which UZH ranks 18 places lower than in the previous year.

19 Places Higher in “Employer Reputation”

Another positive result is in the survey of employees: UZH is now ranked 19 places higher. These changes are most likely related to a modification in the methodology used by the QS Ranking. Now, statements by domestic (i.e. Swiss) employees are weighted the same as those by international employees.

Overall, moving up seven places is a positive development, and UZH has now improved for the third year in a row.

The QS World University Ranking

The annual QS Rankings are based on an assessment of data collected for over 950 universities worldwide.  Reputational surveys among employers and academic peers account for a large part of the overall score. Another key factor is the evaluation of bibliometric data from the SCOPUS database. The QS World University Rankings are composed of six indicators with different weightings.

At a Glance: UZH in the QS World University Rankings 2018

Indicator Weighting Score Weighted Score (Change) Rank
Academic Reputation 40% 68.3 27.3  (-7) 125
Student-to-Instructor Ratio 20% 98.1 19.6 (+10) 43
Citations Per Member of Teaching Staff 20% 31.9 6.4  (+9) 394
Employer Reputation 10% 78.1 7.8  (+19) 100
Proportion of International Teaching Staff 5% 100.0 5.0  (-4) 44
Proportion of International Students 5% 59.2 3.0  (-18) 245
Total 100% 335.6 69.1  (+7) 73