UZH Foundation

Promoting Excellence at the University of Zurich

The UZH Foundation is an endowment of the University of Zurich. Donations and bequests help the Foundation achieve its fundamental goal of strengthening the University of Zurich's reputation for excellence throughout the world. The Foundation supports UZH in its efforts to number among the world's best research institutions in selected areas, and underpins the University's already outstanding position in other disciplines.

The UZH Foundation is committed to ensuring that the University of Zurich remains an attractive place to study and do research in a variety of subject areas, and that the University is able to attract the best minds in Switzerland, Europe and beyond.

The Foundation's president is Dr. Peter F. Weibel; UZH President Prof. Dr. Michael Hengartner is vice president. The Foundation's board consists of five more members from the world of economics, politics and culture.

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