Shortage Management

The Executive Board of the University has established an energy shortage management team, similar to the pandemic management team.

In addition, a scientific advisory group will be formed under the leadership of Professor Alexander Wagner, co-head of the Center for Crisis Competence. The group will advise the Executive Board of the University and assist in drawing up measures.

The energy shortage management team, with the participation of the faculties, is analyzing the situation on an ongoing basis and will propose measures to the Executive Board of the University as needed.


Management and coordination group

  • Head: Steve Jürkel, Directorate for Real Estate and Facility Management
  • Safety, Security and Environment: Jörg Frank, Olivia Burch
  • Directorate for Real Estate and Facility Management: Raphael Muths
  • Education and Student Affairs: Astrid Fritschi
  • Research: Thomas Trüb
  • Human Resources: Karin Bertschinger
  • Office of the President: Rita Stöckli
  • Legal Services: Nora Lipp
  • Communications: Roger Stupf

Scientific advisory group

Head: Prof. Alexander Wagner, Co-Head Center for Crisis Competence

Working groups

  • Head/Operational Manager: Jörg Frank, Safety, Security and Environment
  • WG Technology
  • WG IT
  • WG Operations
  • WG Research
  • WG Teaching
  • WG Libraries
  • WG Human Resources
  • WG Gastronomy
  • WG Events
  • WG Museums
  • Communications