Compensation and Insurance


Salaries are based on the salary system of the Canton of Zurich for public-law employment. Individual salaries are determined according to the role and the employee’s experience and qualifications. There are fixed salary classification guidelines for academic positions and teaching appointments.

Salary System of the Canton of Zurich (in German)
Guidelines for the Classification of Academic Positions at UZH (PDF, 108 KB)
Remuneration Rates for Teaching Appointments at UZH (PDF, 31 KB)


Our employees are insured with the pension fund of the Canton of Zurich (BVK). Junior academics, student assistants, and resident and attending physicians are insured with the Verband Schweizerischer Assistenz- und Oberärztinnen und –ärzte (VSAO) pension fund.

Pension Fund of the Canton of Zurich (BVK) (in German)
VSAO Pension Fund (in German)