Family and Career

Work-Life Balance

In compliance with its Gender Policy Code of Conduct, the University of Zurich undertakes to provide employment conditions that promote the compatibility of work and family for women and men.
Gender Policy Code of Conduct


Female employees are entitled to 16 weeks of paid maternity leave. Mothers may also request subsequent unpaid leave provided the business circumstances make this feasible.

Male employees are entitled to paid paternity leave of five working days; in addition, new fathers are entitled to one month of unpaid leave in the first year of the child’s life. When arranging leave, the employee is required to show consideration for the business circumstances at hand.


The Foundation for Childcare in the Zurich University Area (kihz) offers a broad and flexible range of childcare options close to University premises.
UZH and ETH Zurich Foundation for Childcare

Caring for Sick Children

Parents are entitled to take time off to care for sick preschool and school-age children. Such absences, however, may not exceed five working days per period of illness.