Legal Foundations


Most employees are employed according to public law based on the employment act of the Canton of Zurich. External instructors are employed according to private law.

Employment relationships are governed by the Canton of Zurich’s employment act (Personalgesetz, PG), the employment ordinance (Personalverordnung, PVO) and the implementation ordinance of the employment act (Vollzugsverordnung zum Personalgesetz, VVO), and the employment ordinance of the University of Zurich (Personalverordnung, PVO-UZH). Appointments under private law are governed by the Swiss Code of Obligations (Obligationenrecht, OR).

Canton of Zurich Employment Act (PG) (in German)
Canton of Zurich Employment Ordinance (PVO) (in German)
Canton of Zurich Implementation Ordinance of the Employment Act (VVO) (in German)
UZH Employment Ordinance (PVO-UZH) (in German)
Swiss Code of Obligations (OR) (in German)