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Project "University Library Development"

What is the project about?

Libraries everywhere are having to face the challenges posed by increasing digitalization and equip themselves for new roles and functions in the future. The University of Zurich wants to further develop its library provision to ensure it can meet these needs and keep up with global competition.

Involving users

Libraries are of great importance to students, researchers and members of the teaching staff. All interested parties had the opportunity to take part in the consultation procedure which took place up to November 2018. A report has been issued summarizing the results of the consultation. In addition, all comments submitted during the consultation procedure have been published.

Results of consultation (PDF) (in German)
Comments from consulation (PDF) (in German)
Further information about the consultation (in German)

About the project

Further information regarding the "University Library Development" project can be found on the website of the Office of the Vice President Faculty Affairs and Scientific Information:
Project "University Library Development" (in German)