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"Library of the Future" project

What is the project about?

Libraries everywhere are having to face the challenges posed by increasing digitalization and equip themselves for new roles and functions in the future. The University of Zurich wants to be at the forefront of progress in this area to ensure its library provision keeps up with the global competition.

Involving students

Libraries are of great importance for students, researchers and instructors. To involve them as well as all other stakeholders in the planning process, the preliminary project for the UZH Library of the Future has now been put forward for consultation. The consultation documentation is publicly accessible. Comments have to be submitted by the end of November 2018:
Consultation documentation (in German)

About the project

Further information regarding the Library of the Future project can be found on the website of the Office of the Vice President Faculty Affairs and Scientific Information:
Vorprojekt «Bibliothek der Zukunft» (in German)