Clinical Research Priority Programs (CRPP)

The Clinical Research Priority Program (CRPP) is a part of the Faculty of Medicine's efforts to promote strategic areas of research for the Faculty of Medicine and University Medicine Zurich. The CRPP builds on the University's excellent reputation in research and teaching, and attach great value to knowledge exchange between basic research, applied research and clinical care. The program's goals include promoting selected – primarily clinical – areas of research in University Medicine and establishing effective networks within them. In addition, the programs are committed to supporting junior scholars.

A new series of CRPP was launched at the University of Zurich (2019 - 2021):

ImmunoCure (P. Roth, M. Manz)
Precision MS (R. Martin)
Comprehensive genomic pathogen detection (N. Müller, M. Huber)
ImmuGene (J. Reichenbach, M. Jinek)
Praeclare (A. Rauch)
Pain (A. Curt, H. U. Zeilhofer)
Precision hematology / oncology (J.-P. Bourquin)
AI Oncological Imaging (J. Hodler, M. Guckenberger)
BacVivo - Precision medicine for bacterial infections (A. Zinkernagel, B. Hasse)
CYTIMM-Z (O. Boyman)
HYRENE (F. Beuschlein, C. Rossi)
Stroke (A. Luft, S. Wegener)
Synapse & trauma (D. Bach)