COVID-19 Research at UZH

Researchers at the University of Zurich have the skills, experience and knowledge to make a vital contribution to tackling the coronavirus crisis. Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, many have changed the focus of their research, launched new research projects or expanded the scope of existing projects.

COVID-19 Research

Is there already a certain level of immunity in Switzerland? If so, how long does the immunity last? How can high-risk patients be quickly identified and best treated? And how can a vaccine be developed as soon as possible? UZH News hears from our researchers how they are tackling these questions.
COVID-19 Research

New Research Projects

Providing scientific foundations for important political and economic decisions: That is the main aim of the research projects that have been launched in the wake of the coronavirus crisis and are funded through federal funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation, support from various other foundations and money raised through the UZH Foundation's fundraising campaign. Several research projects have already begun, others are at the starting gates.
New Research Projects Connected with COVID-19 (Overview)

How Is COVID-19 Changing our Lives?

The coronavirus crisis has turned our lives upside down and poses great challenges for scientific research. In the UZH News Dossier about the COVID-19 pandemic,  we shine the spotlight on various aspects of the pandemic.
How Is Covid-19 Changing our Lives?