COVID-19 Research

Is there already a certain level of immunity in Switzerland? If so, how long does the immunity last? How can high-risk patients be quickly identified and best treated? And how can a vaccine be developed as soon as possible? UZH News hears from our researchers how they are tackling these questions.

How many people are immune?

Professor Milo Puhan is coordinating the Swiss-wide study “Corona Immunitas”, which is intended to bring clarity to the great unknown: How many Swiss residents have already formed antibodies against COVID-19?
Video: How many people are immune?

Once immune, always immune?

Are people who have been infected with coronavirus then immune to the virus? Even those who did not notice any symptoms? And if so, for how long? The team working with Professor Alexandra Trkola of the Institute of Medical Virology is examining this question.
Video: Once immune, always immune?

How to recognize severe cases?

Professor Onur Boyman of the Department of Immunology wants to find out how to recognize potential severe cases of the infection, so that high-risk patients can receive quicker and more effective treatment.
Video: How to recognize severe cases?

Race for a Vaccine

Steve Pascolo and his team can produce potential vaccine candidates very quickly thanks to the newest technologies. Initial clinical trials are already taking place abroad based on the same methods.
UZH News: Corona-Vakzin im Schnelltempo (in German)

Antiviral Active Agents

As well as the search for a vaccine, there is hope that effective antiviral drugs may be found. The team of Professor Urs Greber of the Institute of Molecular Life Sciences is currently testing an active agent library of around 5,000 antiviral inhibitors for their effectiveness against the coronavirus.
UZH News: Das Coronavirus an der Achillesferse packen (in German)

Yes to Contact Tracing

The chances that a voluntary tracking app will take off are good: Many Swiss citizens are willing to use such an app if it is issued by the federal and cantonal governments, according to a survey of more than 1,300 people.
UZH News: Hohe Akzeptanz für Tracking-App (in German)

Churches and Corona

The pandemic has also been a challenge for the churches. Thomas Schlag now wants to scientifically investigate how pastors and ministers have coped with the extraordinary situation. He has initiated a study called CONTOC: Churches Online in Times of Corona.
UZH News: Churches and Corona: What's worked, and what hasn't

Workers Happy despite Crisis and Uncertainty

In general, workers in Switzerland and Germany are coping well with the Covid-19 crisis and the associated social disruption. They are feeling happier and finding it easier to unwind and balance work and private life.
News release: Workers Happy despite Crisis and Uncertainty