Predicting Patients at High Risk for Severe Covid-19

Professor Onur Boyman of the Department of Immunology wants to find out how to recognize potential severe cases of the infection, so that high-risk patients can receive quicker and more effective treatment. What he has observed at USZ to date confirms that active pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, certain heart and lung diseases, obesity and active cancer can have a negative impact on the disease’s progression. In severe cases in younger people, however, a more complex picture emerges than originally assumed.

Antibodies even after mild symptoms (Video from 25 Nov 20)

Immunologist Onur Boyman: “We are investigating the reasons why certain people develop severe Covid-19 symptoms and which people are protected after having the disease.” (Video: Brigitte Blöchlinger, UZH News)

How to recognize severe cases? (Video from 7 May 20)

Onur Boyman at the University Hospital Zurich (USZ). He works closely with USZ and several other hospitals. (Video: Brigitte Blöchlinger, UZH News)

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