Evaluating the Spread of the Coronavirus

Professor Milo Puhan, director of the Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute, coordinates the Swiss-wide study Corona Immunitas, which is intended to bring clarity to the great unknown: How many Swiss residents have already formed antibodies against COVID-19?  In the midst of the second wave he explains the data obtained to date about the spread of the virus and stresses in particular the importance of people acting with solidarity.

"No clusters in schools" (Video from 25 Nov 20)

Epidemiologist Milo Puhan: “The most important thing is that people show the same solidarity as in spring.” (Video: Brigitte Blöchlinger, UZH News)

How many people are immune? (Video from 7 May 20)

Milo Puhan at the UZH Travel Clinic which has been converted into a COVID-19 test center. (Video: Brigitte Blöchlinger, UZH News)

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