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Recording of the Town Hall and Expert Chat

Missed yesterday's Townhall? You can find the video recording under the following link. In addition to exciting lectures on student life at UZH, stress management and healthy sleep, burning questions were answered in the expert chat. These you can find compiled in the FAQ.
Recording of the Townhall of 1 March
FAQ (in German)

By Students – for Students!

The University of Zurich Student Association (VSUZH) knows a thing or two about studying. They’re staging various useful activities for students throughout the Spring Semester, from morning yoga classes to the VSUZH Discord Server:
VSUZH Spring Semester website

Staying Connected

Keep in touch on Instagram! We’ll use it to share our thoughts and stories with you throughout the semester, from campus life, mental health advice and uni events to cooking and much more.
UZH Instagram account
VSUZH Instagram account


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