Grafik Datenpunkte Schweiz


Why this program?

Biostatistics is the science of analyzing and interpreting biomedical data. Scientific challenges from clinical and biological research require the development and competent application of novel statistical methodology. Currently such challenges emerge, for example, in personalized and evidence-based medicine, in infectious disease and environmental epidemiology, and in the rapidly expanding fields of molecular biology, e.g. genomics, proteomics, epigenomics. It is the only – to date- specialized program for the training of biostatisticians in Switzerland.

What can I do with it later?

A Master in Biostatistics gives you strong career prospects. Generally speaking, the demand for statisticians and other professional with quantitaitve skills is high. Our graduates are qualified to pursue highly specialized careers, for example in the academia or in the pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, financial institutions, insurance and marketing companies, other corporations with research and development departments as well as consulting firms regularly seek to hire (bio)statisticians.

Recent Master's theses

  • Estimating Covid 19 under-reporting in Switzerland
    (Deborah Chiavi, 2021)
  • Identification of Potential Risk Factors for Back Pain in Horses: An Analysis Using Additive Bayesian Networks
    (Oliver John, 2021)
  • Statistical Aspects of Adaptive Pathways in Drug Regulation
    (Manja Elisabeth Deforth, 2020)
  • Mixed Model for Wound Healing Rates
    (Samriddhi Buxy, 2020)