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Information and Advice

Have you just started studying at the University and still have a lot of questions? Here you can find out where to get the information you need. UZH offers various support and advice services and also holds regular information events.

Advice about Subject/Program Choice

General questions about study programs

Are you struggling to choose a minor subject? Are you having doubts about your choice of main subject? Do you need support choosing your course? For questions that are cross-disciplinary or concern more than one faculty, Student Advisory Services can help you further: 
Student Advisory Services

Questions about your specific program of study

Do you have specific questions about your chosen program of study? In this case you should contact the advisory centers of the faculties:
Advisory Centers (listed by faculty)

Support for Students with Special Needs or in Difficult Situations

Personal or study-related problems

Are you in a difficult situation and need support? The Psychological Counseling Service for students of UZH and ETHZ offers counseling and advice as well as referrals for professional help:
Psychological Counseling Services

Special needs

Do you need support for your daily life at university due to a disability or chronic illness? Do you have questions about compensation for disadvantages? The Disability Office provides information, advice and support for people with a disability or chronic illness who are studying at UZH: 
Disability Office

Protection against sexual harassment at UZH

Have you experienced or witnessed sexual harassment at UZH? Or have you faced discrimination on the grounds of your gender? Our contact persons in the RSB Committee as well as the investigating person are available for a confidential talk.

Protection against sexual harassment at UZH

Gender equality, diversity, inclusion

Are you a student experiencing difficulties at UZH due to your sex, gender identity or sexual orientation? Do you need childcare services in order to have enough time for your studies? The Office for Gender Equality and Diversity can provide practical advice and support in these and other, similar situations:

Information and advice

Emergency App «SafeZone»

SafeZone provides information about safety and health facilities on all the University’s campuses. The app provides emergency information, including links to the responsible units and alerts to members of the of the University when their safety is at risk.

Emergency App «SafeZone»


Support for Student Life


Are you new to Zurich and looking for a place to stay? The Housing Office of the University and ETH advertises rooms, apartments and houses and has a range of search options:
Housing Office of the University of Zurich and ETH


Do you want to plan for your studies from a financial point of view? Are you unsure if you are entitled to a grant? For all questions regarding funding for studying, contact the Student Financial Aid Office: 
Student Financial Aid Office


On the Career Services platform you can find interesting part-time jobs that help you finance your studies. If you register on the platform, you will also have access to the many employer events and workshops we organise around the topic of career entry. The Career Services support you, among many other things, in preparing your application documents (CV and letter of motivation).
Career Services Platform
Career Services

Students support students

Does your question not fit any of the above categories? Would you rather discuss your questions with students and benefit from their experiences? Then contact your student organization. Student societies are the bodies representing students in specific subjects and can help with questions around student life. Many student societies offer support for new students. You can find your student organization through the following link:
Student organizations and societies

The University of Zurich Student Association (VSUZH) also offers support for students at the start of their studies. The student handbook «Lies das» (in German) guides students through the first semester and can be downloaded from the VSUZH website:
VSUZH: New at the University

Master's students from abroad

The International Scholars Center is the main point of contact for Master's students, PhD candidates, postdoctoral researchers and guest researchers from abroad. Our staff supports you before your arrival in Zurich and during your entire stay at our University.
International Scholars Center

Administrative Questions

Matriculation and Semester Enrollment  

Do you have questions about semester enrollment? Do you need to change your personal data? Then contact the Student Administration Office: 
Student Administration Office

Booking modules, graduating, regulations

Are you having difficulties booking modules? Each faculty has a point of contact specifically for help with booking modules:
Contacts for booking modules

Do you want to register for graduation? Do you have questions about the framework ordinance governing your degree program? Contact the Office of Student Affairs of your faculty:

Contact, Faculty of Theology

Contact, Faculty of Law

Contact, Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics

Contact, Faculty of Medicine

Contact, Vetsuisse Faculty

Contact, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Contact, Faculty of Sciences

Technical Support

Matriculation, semester enrollment

Are you having technical problems with matriculation or semester enrollment? You’ll find help on the UZH for Students website:

Identity Manager, UZH short name, UZH e-mail 

The Identity Manager is the tool for managing your personal data for accessing UZH’s online services. Have you received your access data and now want to set up the Identity Manager? Do you want to change your passwords? Do you have questions about using UZH e-mail? 

You’ll find help on the UZH for Students website: 
UZH for Students