When Do I Book Modules?

Note the Module Booking Deadlines!

You can only book modules within the booking period. You are admitted for booking modules only once you have paid your semester fees and the payment has been processed. It can take up to five days for the payment to be processed.

It's also important to remember that newly matriculated students will only be sent a letter containing their password and login data once they have paid the bill and the payment has been booked. It's therefore advisable to pay your semester fees in good time to avoid delays.

Different Deadlines across Faculties

Please note: The deadlines for booking modules are not the same for all faculties! Not only this, but at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences deadlines may vary from department to department. It's therefore crucial that you find out the deadline for booking modules at your faculty and department.

Note the Periods for Canceling Modules!

Once you have booked modules you can then cancel your booking, provided you do so by the cancellation deadline.

Please note: The deadlines for canceling module bookings are not the same for all faculties! Once the cancellation period has elapsed, your bookings are deemed to be binding, and you are obligated to complete the assessments associated with the modules you have booked. If you don't complete the relevant assessment, you are deemed to have failed.

Module Booking and Cancellation Deadlines by Faculty

You'll find the module booking and cancellation deadlines for the different faculties on the UZH for Students website. Please make sure you read the additional guidance from your faculty!

Module Booking and Cancellation Deadlines by Faculty