Student Organizations

General Linguistics FAS
Art History FVKHIST
Biochemistry Atomoi
Biology BiUZ
Business Information Systems ICU
Chemistry Atomoi
Chinese Studies FV Sinologie
Chiropractic SCS
Classical Archaeology klar!
Classics Department FSKLPHS
Communication and Media Research FV Communication
Comparative Germanic Linguistics, Dutch Studies and Historical Linguistics FV VGS

comparative literature

Computer Linguistics CLinZ/CH
Cultural Studies FSKA
Economics FVOEC
Education science FV education science
English FAVA
Gender Studies genS
Geography geoteam
German Studies GIFT
History FVHIST
Indo-European Studies *idg
Indology find
Islamic Sciences FVISLAM
Japanese Studies Student association Japanese Studies
Legal Studies FVJUS

Legal Studies

FV SI Recht

Mathematics FV
Medicine FVMED
Medieval Studies FaMe
MD-PhD/MSc MD-PhD/MSc Student's Association
Motion Picture Sciences Score
Musicology MUWIFV
Philosophy Student society of philosophy
Physics FPU
Political science polito
Pre- and Protohistory FV UFG
Psychology FAPS
Popular Culture Studies FV Populäre Kulturen
Romance Studies VSR
Scandinavian Studies FAN
Slavistics FV Slavistik
Social and Cultural Anthropology FVEZ
Sociology SoFa
Theology and Study of Religions fvtheorel
Veterinary Medicine FVV