Processing supplier invoices

Kreditorenworkflow (KWF)

Prozess KWF
  1. Order: If you order goods or services, please indicate the reference information. It indicates the responsible for the material and formal sign off. 

  2. Material sign-off (FHB § 64): Check whether goods and services correspond with the order/contract.
  3. Formal sign-off (FHB § 65): Check the details of the invoice (address, pricing, VAT, possible discounts and account coding (cost-center/project number and account, see also Kontenplan).

  4. Financial sign-off (FHB § 66): The cost center or project manager verifies the business case and account coding. Invoices higher than CHF 10,000 will be automatically forwarded to the next level for an additional financial sign-off.
  5. Payment: The invoice will be booked and paid automatically after the financial sign-off.


Please note that invoices must be checked and approved by at least two different persons (four eyes principle). The formal and material sign-off may be carried out by the same person, the financial approval by a person who has the right of disposal (i.e. cost center manager, project manager).

Credits are processed the same way as invoices.

You will get an e-mail named "Rechnung(en) zur Bearbeitung im Webportal “ (maximum once a day) as soon as you have an invoice to sign off. Please follow the highlighted link and log into the Webportal where you sign off the invoice.


Reference information

Please make sure that the supplier states the following reference information on his invoice:

  • E-mail address «Materielle/r Prüfer/in»: E-mail address of the person who performs the material sign-off (usually person who ordered the goods/services). (IMPORTANT: please use the UZH e-mail address without abbreviation of the organization unit, only «»)

  • Cost centre or project number (PSP): This information has to be stated in order to have the invoice automatically forwarded to the right person for the formal sign-off.

KST 1234500 (IMPORTANT: please add «KST»)                                             X-12345-01-01 (IMPORTANT: please set the hyphens at the right positions)

Examples:                                                                                      KST 1234500                                                    X-12345-01-01


Central address for all invoices

Please ask the supplier to send the invoice to the following address stating the name of the purchaser:

Universität Zürich
Zentraler Rechnungseingang
Person of contact (e.g. name of purchaser, Jane/John Doe)
Hirschengraben 60
8001 Zürich

The delivery address is the address of the ordering unit. Should you receive invoices sent to your local address, please forward them immediately (including the reference information) to the central address via internal post service.


Incorrect invoices

Unfortunately, we are forced to return invoices if....

  • the invoice is denominated to another recipient than «University of Zurich»/«Universität Zürich»
  • the invoice address is pasted over
  • the reference information is missing (it is allowed to add these information with a sticker/label)


Retrospection: Our journey from the paper bill to the electronic processing of supplier invoices