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Department of History


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Historical research connects the present with the past. It reconstructs and interprets social structures and norms in the course of time as well as the lives of people. Our seminar offers a wide range of research on all epochs from local history to global history. Cooperation with libraries, archives, and other universities contributes to the high quality of our work. The numerous projects link researchers at the Institute, at the UZH, on a national and international level.


The 15 Department Chairs and Endowed Professorships conduct research in various contexts: in international collaborations, National Centers of in Research (NCCR), grant funded projects funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) or in individual studies conducted by doctoral students, postdocs, and the professors.

Collaborative Projects


Information about the research interests of the Chairs can be found on their individual web pages.


Research results and contributions to current debates are made accessible in a variety of ways: In books and articles, but also in exhibits, blogs, public events, and media.

Publications of HS-members in ZORA

Media contributions of the HS-members in ZORA

Awards and Honors

Members of the Department of History are honored for specific projects or publications as well as for their scientific activities as a whole.

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