Studies at the Chair of Vocational Education and Training

Since autumn 2013, it is possible to study “Vocational and Economic Education” within the academic programme of Educational Science at the University of Zurich. The Chair for Vocational Education and Training covers the courses on vocational education. 


Vocational education is a sub-discipline of educational science and deals mostly with questions concerning the occupational and social integration of young adults in the working world. Vocational education analyses the historical development and current tensions between the educational and the economic systems, resulting in diverse and numerous research questions. The focus lies, for example, in the discussion of terms such as labour and profession in the context of educational systems, the relationship between vocational and general education and vocational qualification processes. Other questions deal with the different types of learning in school and the workplace both in vocational training and further education. Last but not least, the historical development of vocational education and training systems are discussed and compared internationally.

Course Overview


The Chair offers within the academic profile “Vocational and Economic Education” diverse basic and in-depth modules for both Bachelor and Master students. It must be noted that the most of these courses are held in German. It is possible that single courses will be held in English. 


In the Colloquium for Vocational and Economic Education, master, doctoral and postdoctoral theses as well as other research projects are presented and discussed. The language of the colloquium is normally German.

Direction: Prof. Dr. Philipp Gonon
Time: Wednesday, 12.15–13.45
Room: KAB-G-01 (Kantonsschulsstrasse 3)
Program and information leaflet:
Program HS 20 (PDF, 106 KB)Information leaflet (PDF, 99 KB)

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