Mentoring and Coaching Practices for Teachers

Purpose and structure of the course

Many Swiss German universities of teacher education are currently in the process of redesigning and advancing their school-based training. Increasingly, traditional ways of assisting student teachers in school-based internships are being scrutinized and new concepts such as Mentoring and Coaching are taken into consideration.

In the postgraduate course participants learn about relevant concepts of Mentoring and Coaching in teacher education and general topics and tools essential to the different approaches introduced. In several course units, theoretical inputs are conveyed, practical examples discussed and exercises carried out. The time between the course units is being used by the participants for implementation and practical, partly video-based exercises.

During the course, participants work in groups on portfolios about the relevant concepts and topics taking into consideration the perspective of the different institutions the participants work at. After completion of the course units, every participant writes a final thesis addressing an important individual question on the topic of Mentoring and Coaching in teacher education.

If you are interested in this CAS and would like further information, please send an email to the course coordinator: Sina Schatzmann