Upper-Secondary Education Studies and Research on Learning and Teaching

Prof. Dr. Fritz Staub

About us

The focus of our chair is on educational psychology and general didactics for student teachers of all subjects in upper-secondary education. We value teaching as a creative "design profession" based on a fundamental understanding of the subject-specific subtleties as well as on scientific educational knowledge.

Primary research interests lie in the analysis and empirical research of subject-specific teaching and learning processes, and an understanding of teacher knowledge and action. Furthermore, we are interested in the effects of research-based learning opportunities and conceptual tools for the education and training of teachers on teaching quality and learning. Our current research and development projects deal with various forms of support in professional practice (approaches to mentoring / content-focused coaching) that are particularly conducive to the professional development of student teacher in the subjects of mathematics and German language classes.

We also offer various courses for established teachers who are interested to broaden their professional skills, for example, as mentors or educators in the training of prospective teachers.