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Department of Communication and Media Research

Speaker Series

Each semester, the department invites 3-4 researchers to share their current work at our Speaker Series.The presentations are primarily targeted at researchers in the department and students from our programs, but other interested individuals are also welcomed to attend.

Spring Semester 2023

27.02.2023 Taina Bucher, University of Oslo
Gestures of silence in networked mediaFlyer (PDF, 488 KB)
13.03.2023 Kaiping Chen, University of Wisconsin-Madison
How GPT-3 responds to different publics on climate change and Black Lives Matter: A critical appraisal of equity in conversational AIFlyer (PDF, 345 KB)
24.04.2023 David B. Nieborg, University of Toronto
Platforms and Cultural ProductionFlyer (PDF, 727 KB)
15.05.2023 Nicholas Diakopoulos, Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois
Designing and Aligning AI for JournalismFlyer (PDF, 745 KB)

Fall Semester 2022

03.10.2022 Hiromi Tanaka, Meiji University, Tokyo
Romancing AI? Gender and New Digital Intimacies in Contemporary JapanFlyer (PDF, 422 KB)
28.11.2022 Julie Uldam, Copenhagen Business School
The paradox of visibility for activism: Countering theclimate crisis between news logics and algorithmic logicsFlyer (PDF, 1 MB)
12.12.2022 Julia Serong, Munich Science Communication Lab (MSCL) at LMU Munich
Communicating planetary health: wicked problems in science communication.Flyer (PDF, 532 KB)

Past Speakers

04.04.2022 Hartmut Wessler, University of Mannheim (PDF, 422 KB)
07.03.2022 Burcu Baykurt, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (PDF, 360 KB)
06.12.2021 Philipp Schmid, University of Erfurt (PDF, 567 KB)
22.11.2021 Ágnes Horvát, Northwestern University (PDF, 169 KB)
01.11.2021 Veronica Barassi, University of St. Gallen (PDF, 374 KB)
04.10.2021 Crystal Abidin, Curtin University (PDF, 1 MB)
17.05.2021 Adrian Rauchfleisch, National Taiwan University (PDF, 288 KB)
12.04.2021 Lena Frischlich, University of Münster (PDF, 216 KB)
29.03.2021 Damian Trilling, University of Amsterdam (PDF, 186 KB)
16.11.2020 Andrew M. Guess, Princeton University (PDF, 264 KB)
19.10.2020 Saar Mollen, University of Amsterdam (PDF, 167 KB)
09.03.2020 Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (PDF, 189 KB)
09.12.2019 Emese Domahidi, Technische Universität Ilmenau (PDF, 184 KB)
06.05.2019 Patti Valkenburg, University of Amsterdam (PDF, 113 KB)
15.04.2019 Wouter van Atteveldt, VU University Amsterdam (PDF, 112 KB)
25.03.2019 Jan-Hinrik Schmidt, Hans-Bredow-Institut Hamburg (PDF, 162 KB)
11.03.2019 Károly Takács, Corvinus University, Budapest (PDF, 176 KB)
12.11.2018 Silke Adam, University of Bern (PDF, 36 KB)
29.10.2018 Brooke Foucault Welles, Northeastern University (PDF, 107 KB)
01.10.2018 Oliver Lipps, FORS (PDF, 112 KB)
17.09.2018 Lee Humphreys, Cornell University (PDF, 141 KB)
30.04.2018 Lilach Nir, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (PDF, 149 KB)
09.04.2018 Nicole Ellison, University of Michigan (PDF, 122 KB)
26.02.2018 Susan J. Douglas, University of Michigan (PDF, 144 KB)
04.12.2017 James Webster, Northwestern University (PDF, 268 KB)
06.11.2017 Stephen Reese, University of Texas at Austin (PDF, 277 KB)
30.10.2017 Sophie Mützel, University of Lucerne (PDF, 308 KB)
02.10.2017 Petter Bae Brandtzaeg, SINTEF Digital (PDF, 300 KB)
13.03.2017 Gerhard Vowe, Universität Düsseldorf (PDF, 273 KB)
27.02.2017 Hans-Jörg Stiehler, Universität Leipzig (PDF, 235 KB)