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Department of Communication and Media Research Strategic Communication & Media Management


The Role of the News Media for Sustainable Finance

Facing the looming climate crisis and therewith increasing financial and physical risks, “sustainable finance” has become a buzzword in the financial sector and the political sphere. Financial experts, activists and policy makers argue that by channeling more capital and investments into sustainable companies and projects, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be achieved more quickly, and we would be able to limit global temperature rise well below 2°C, in line with the Paris Agreement. However, not only does the broader public remains fairly uninformed about what “sustainable finance” actually means and how to integrate such practices in their own financial behavior, the financial industry is also increasingly being criticized of greenwashing in that area. Hence, to bring about broader societal and economic change, citizens need to become more empowered with regard to sustainable finance while, at the same time, the financial sector needs to be hold accountable for fraud and untrustworthy behavior.

The research group researches the role of the news media and strategic communication related to sustainable finance:

  • How is sustainable finance represented and covered in the news media? And what should be done differently?
  • What role do journalists play with regard to the narrative of sustainable finance (e.g., watchdog role/exposing greenwashing)?
  • What effect does news coverage about sustainable finance have on (private) investors and citizens?
  • How can we make (private) investors and citizens more aware of sustainable investments, ethical/green banking, and greenwashing?
  • How can sustainable finance be better/more effectively communicated to (private) investors and citizens?