Participating in SEMP (Erasmus +) is simpler and less complicated than individually applying to a foreign university.

Universities from countless countries across Europe are interconnected within the program’s framework. At present, the following partner universities exist for communication studies:


Berlin (FU)






Hamburg (nur Master)












Amsterdam (nur Bachelor) (ab 120 ECTS-Punkten)






Madrid (derzeit nur Bachelor möglich)









Wroclaw(Breslau) (nur Bachelor)

Subject-specific agreements do not just guarantee the places of study, but also the mutual recognition of the study achievements.

Beyond the discipline-specific bilateral agreements, there might be options at other universities based on «Diverse» agreements by UZH. Please, check before applying if universities offer sufficient modules within the field of Communication and/or Media. For more information go to  International Relations Office (IRO).

Benefits of SEMP

  • The application process is relatively uncomplicated.
  • You do not have to personally look for your place of study abroad.
  • Coordinating the necessary study achievements (ECTS points) with the study program coordinator before beginning your stay abroad by means of a learning agreement makes it easier for your achievements to be recognized.
  • The host universities can assist you to some extent in looking for accommodation and dealing with the authorities.
  • No additional study fees are accrued at the host university (you remain enrolled in Zurich).

Prerequisites for participating

  • Enrolled at the University of Zurich.
  • Assessment/introductory phase in Communication Studies must be completed before the start of the period abroad.
  • Good knowledge of the teaching language. Ask your host university whether you require a certificate or any other proof of your language ability.
  • You may only participate in the program once per study level (BA, MA, doctorate).

Duration of the mobility studying

One or two semesters.

Enrolment and study fees

You shall remain enrolled at the University of Zurich and pay the semester fees just as before. You will be enrolled at the partner university for the length of the mobility studying. You will not pay any semester fees there, but will be treated the same as the other regular students.

Study places

The exchange takes place within a specific subject. The exact subjects can be found here: Index of partner universities.

The study places are awarded by the study program coordinator.

Recognition of study achievements

Before leaving, clarify with the study program coordinator at IKMZ which of the study achievements gained abroad will be recognized at IKMZ. Study achievements in a minor subject must be agreed with the respective program coordinator(s) in that subject.


Mobility scholarships can be organized during the Erasmus trip. No additional application is necessary – the scholarships are paid out from the IRO (International Relations Office) in the event of participating in the program. Further information can be obtained from the International Relations department.

Language courses

It is up to students to inform themselves of the teaching language at the host university. Many partner universities organize language courses for exchange students before the start of the semester. However, it is essential that you already have a good basic knowledge of the teaching language. Some universities therefore demand an appropriate language certificate at the application stage. A range of language tests can be taken at the University of Zurich. You can find more detailed information on this matter here.

Immigration formalities, everyday life, accommodation

Do not forget to take care of immigration and residence permits as well as health insurance and other forms of insurance, vaccinations, accommodation, etc. in good time. More detailed information on these matters can be obtained from the UZH International Relations department.

Registering for SEMP at IKMZ

Complete the online registration form in full and upload all the necessary documents, including a cover letter setting out your reasons for wanting to participate. The program coordinator (Dr. Karin Pühringer) will check the completeness and correctness of the documents after the registration deadline.

Once the registration period is closed, the applicants who are being considered for a period of study abroad will be determined. The program coordinator will nominate the applicants with the IRO. The IRO is responsible for administrative matters:

  • Issuing information material
  • Recording registrations
  • Enrolment
  • Managing scholarships
  • Producing reports

The IRO is also on hand to assist if you have any questions or problems.

The program coordinator shall also nominate the candidates at the partner universities. You are however responsible for registering at the host university.

After mobility studying

After returning, the students shall set up a meeting with the program coordinator for the purpose of recognizing the study achievements gained. Please ensure that you bring the original Transcript of Records from the host university along with you. You shall write a report about your experience for the IRO. You will receive the corresponding online form at the end of the semester by email. In addition, you shall provide the IRO with confirmation of the exact length of your stay at the partner university, which must be filled out at the end of your stay.


Deregistering from the program entails a significant amount of work for partner universities, lecturers, study program coordinators and the IRO. Please only register if you are sure that you want and are able to spend part of your studies abroad. Should a deregistration be necessary, it must be sent in writing to the relevant bodies of the partner university, the study program coordinator at IKMZ and the IRO.


Submit your registration with the necessary documents for the whole following academic year (fall and/or spring semester) no later than January 31st via Mobility Online (cf. the preceding details). Registration documents submitted after this date can only be considered in absolute exceptions and funding will in no way be guaranteed.