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Faculty of Law

International Relations

Vice Dean’s Office for International Relations

The Vice Dean for International Relations is responsible for maintaining and developing international and Swiss relations, ensures the implementation of the internationalization strategy, is head of the External Relations Commission, a member of the Steering Committees of existing relations, and is part of the AG Global Affairs of UZH.

The Manager of the Vice Dean’s Office for International Relations supports the Vice Dean in all strategic and administrative matters. The manager coordinates the tasks of the Vice Dean's Office and implements them in consultation with the Vice Dean. In addition, the manager is the point of contact for all external inquiries to the Vice Dean's Office and is responsible for the internal cooperation with the Dean's Office and the other Vice Deans’ Offices as well as for the elaboration and negotiation of new cooperations.

Cooperation with Other Universities

Bilateral cooperation agreements with various partners worldwide are an important addition to Zurich's study programs. The Faculty of Law (RWF) has an exceptionally rich cooperation portfolio, which is widely used by students for exchanges.
More information on RWF’s national and international cooperation is available at: 
National and International Cooperation

Networks and Partnerships

UZH is part of the Una EuropaUniversitas 21 and LERU university networks. Moreover, it maintains strategic partnerships with, among others, the Freie Universität Berlin, the University of Geneva and the University of Prague.
More information on UZH’s networks and partnerships is available at:
Networks and Partnerships

Visiting Professorships and Visiting Scholars

The Faculty of Law also maintains its international relationships by inviting visiting professors to Zurich and by accepting visiting scholars.
More information on our international guests is available at: 
International Guests

Summer and Winter Schools

As a supplement to the regular lecture program, RWF offers summer and winter schools, which are also open to international students.
More information on our summer and winter schools is available at:
Summer and Winter Schools

Weiterführende Informationen

Vice Dean for International Relations

Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinemann


Manager of the Vice Dean's Office for International Relations

MLaw Vanessa Brunner
Rämistrasse 74/2
8001 Zürich
Tel. +41 44 634 06 78