Portrait of the Faculty

The Faculty of Law is one of the leading research institutions in Europe and has a claim to train outstandingly qualified lawyers for employment in the legal profession.

With 55 professors, 40 adjunct professors, 34 privatdozents and over 230 external instructors* as well as 327 teaching and research assistants, the Faculty of Law of the University of Zurich ranks among the largest faculties of law in Europe. It imparts the academic, technical, and social skills needed for dealing responsibly with law in society to over 3,710 students and lays the foundations for a successful career in a broad range of legal professions. Of these, more than 575 doctoral candidates and post-doctoral candidates conduct research at the Faculty of Law.

The Faculty places particular emphasis on the internationalization of research and teaching. It maintains research collaboration and exchange programs with leading law schools in all parts of the world. Students benefit from double degree Master’s programs with prestigious partner faculties in Europe, overseas, and Asia. A joint Master's degree program offered with the University of Lausanne facilitates exchanges with French-speaking Switzerland.

Members of our Faculty enjoy an excellent reputation for their research in Switzerland and abroad. Many of our graduates are successful in their professional lives and occupy key posts, such as in courts, in international organizations, or in politics. The Faculty of Law is therefore confident that it is on the right course with the exacting demands it makes on its teaching staff and students.

*Source: Faculty of Law Office of Student Affairs
All other figures are from the UZH Annual Report