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Faculty of Law


Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee is responsible for performing the admissions procedure and nominating the Doctoral Committee.


The curriculum denotes the course offerings of the doctoral program of the Faculty of Law, which is formed of various modules.

Doctoral Agreement

The Doctoral Agreement is a written agreement between the PhD candidates and the Doctoral Committee. It acts as an instrument to help clarify the goals, procedure, time span, type, and extent of supervision and the other framework conditions of the doctoral program.

ECTS Credits

ECTS credits express the work a PhD candidate must complete to reach the goal of the doctoral program of the Faculty of Law. One ECTS credit represents 25 to 30 hours of work.

Head Instructor

The head instructor takes on the role of a permanent contact and doctoral thesis supervisor. Professors, Emeriti, and Private Lecturers of the Faculty of Law may all act as head instructors for PhD candidates.

Official Assessment

An official assessment must be obtained for each module. An official assessment consists of a verbal or written examination, written paper, academic publication, or a presentation, report, or transcript, as long as it substantiates an actively verifiable contribution. Completed official assessments are evaluated as "passed," incomplete ones as "failed." Completed official assessments receive the number of credit points specified in the doctoral regulations. The person responsible for the module will evaluate the official assessments unless agreed otherwise; in exceptional cases, the head instructor may complete the assessment. The transcript of records is sent out by post at the end of the semester.


The modules consists of colloquia, courses, conferences, conventions, lecture courses, workshops, summer schools, mentoring programs, teaching services, practical training, and continuing education offers of the university. There are compulsory modules which everyone must complete and core elective modules, to be selected from a given list (core elective pool).

Doctoral Committee

The Doctoral Committee consists of the head instructor and at least one other instructor. It is responsible for adjusting and working out the details of the doctoral agreement.