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Institut für Parasitologie

Fiona Achcar

Fiona Achcar

  • Bioinformatician

Biography: After a master in bioinformatics, I completed my PhD in the Jacques Monod Institute in Paris in 2010, working on modelling iron homeostasis in yeast and human. I then moved to Glasgow to work on modelling Trypanosoma brucei energy metabolism. During this first postdoc, I started to work with metabolomics data, as well as on various aspects of parasite metabolism (TrypanosomesLeishmania and Plasmodium) and their adaptation to the environment. I joined the Marti Lab, where I am the bioinformatician of the team, analysing omics data as well as specifically working on understanding mechanisms of Plasmodium falciparum gametocyte production, in 2018. 

Research Interests: I am interested in any project using computational approaches to answer a specific biological question. Currently, I’m investigating the interplay between Plasmodium cellular metabolism and transmission.