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Priscilla W. Ngotho

Priscilla W. Ngotho

  • Research Assistant

Biography: I obtained my PhD at KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme Kilifi, Kenya in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust Sanger institute Cambridge, UK. My research was aimed at characterizing expression profiles of P. falciparum variant surface antigen gene families, rif and stevor, during the asexual blood stages of the parasite. Over the course of my PhD I acquired skills and knowledge to study host-parasite interactions in the non-transmissible forms of the malaria parasite. 

Research Interests: Currently, I am interested in understanding host-parasite interactions and how people develop immune responses, primarily immunity that can block malaria transmission. Specifically, I study how P. falciparum transmissible forms (gametocytes) remodel infected host red blood cells, and the immune responses induced by these modifications. I utilize flow cytometry, fluorescence microscopy, transgenic parasite lines and drug perturbations to study changes in host cell membrane lipid composition and surface antigen expression.  My long-term goal is to carry out collaborative research to develop tools and techniques towards design and advancement of novel approaches that can potentially block malaria transmission as well as prevent disease.