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Institut für Parasitologie

Sina Hasler

Sina Hasler

  • Lab technician
044 635 85 11

Hello, my name is Sina Hasler and I am the head laboratory technician for the research groups at the Institute of Parasitology, UZH. My main responsibility is the management of the Malaria transmission lab and research on P. falciparum.

In 2017, I successfully completed my apprenticeship as a biology laboratory technician EFZ at Eawag in Dübendorf, Zurich. Following that, I had the opportunity to work for an additional year in water research at Eawag. Subsequently, I spent two months in Calgary, Canada for English language acquisition. In May 2019, I had the privilege of working as a laboratory technician at the Institute of Parasitology under Prof. Peter Deplazes and Dr. Ramon Eichenberger. Following Prof. Deplazes' retirement, I took over the role of the new laboratory technician for Prof. Matthias Marti in malaria research.

In March 2023, alongside my work, I commenced further education as a certified natural science laboratory technician HFP at BBW in Winterthur.