Bachelor's Degree

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of the University of Zurich is the biggest faculty of humanities, cultural studies, social sciences and psychology in Switzerland. Its course offering consists of carefully designed programs with a wide range of possible combinations. Bachelor's study programs equip you with a basic academic education and the ability to apply scholarly methodology. A Bachelor’s degree enables you to continue with a Master’s or embark directly on a career.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs, Major and Minor Study Programs, Titles and Degrees

A Bachelor’s study program at the Faculty of Arts is worth 180 ECTS credits. You will do a major study program earning 120 ECTS credits and a minor study program earning 60 ECTS credits. This corresponds to six semesters of full-time study (regular duration of study).

Study programs that have too many similarities may not be combined. You will find details of combinations that are not permitted in the annex to the relevant program regulation.

The title you earn on successful completion of a Bachelor’s study program depends on your major:

  • Bachelor of Arts UZH, BA UZH (for a major in humanities or cultural studies)
  • Bachelor of Arts UZH in Social Sciences, BA UZH (for a major in social sciences)
  • Bachelor of Science UZH in Psychology, BSc UZH (for a major in psychology)

Courses of Study

You will get an insight into the new courses of study offered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences from the initial offering, Bachelor’s level. (PDF, 128 KB)

Minors for Students of Other Faculties

At Bachelor’s level the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences offers students in other faculties minors worth 30 ECTS credits. They are designed to give an insight into select topics and enable students to choose their own area of focus. You can choose the following study programs:

  • Digital Humanities and Text Mining
  • Ethics
  • History, Society, Politics
  • Cultural Contexts

The legal basis for the minor study programs comprises the Framework ordinance governing study in the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs offered by the University of Zurich's Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (of 27 August 2018) and Part G of the Program Regulation: Minor Study Programs for Faculty-External UZH Students (PDF, 262 KB)

You have a free choice of modules within your chosen minor program. Please note the following points:

  • The graded module component must amount to at least 9 ECTS credits;
  • Certain modules require special knowledge and skills;
  • Various periods apply for booking and canceling modules at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Make sure you're properly informed about the relevant deadlines
  • Only modules listed in the course catalogue for the respective programme can be counted towards the degree.