Interdisciplinary Workshop: Historical Research Practices with Prof. Andrew Goble (19.09.2019)

The doctoral program „Asia and Europe“ of the University of Zurich will hold an interdisciplinary PhD workshop on historical research practices with Prof. Andrew Goble. He is a professor of Japanese history at the Univesity of Oregon (Eugene, Origon in the USA), and author of the book Kenmu: Go-Daigo's Revolution (Harvard University Press Asia Center, 1996).

We kindly invite all interested PhD students to attend the workshop here in Zurich.

The workshop aims to establish a dialogue between diciplines by reflecting on the historical research practices across various fields. Many questions are of interest, such as, for example:

  • what are dominant research paradigms? (eg. hagiography vs. systematic approach)
  • what problems are being addressed? What is not being addressed?
  • what sources are used? (eg. written documents vs. archaeological excavations)
  • how does the selection of topics influence the selection of sources and vice-versa?

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss problems faced in their own research connected to these issues and exchange ideas with peers from other fields.

Date: Thursday, September 19th, 2019
Venue: University of Zurich, Room tba
Further information: Program (PDF, 72 KB)
Registration by August 20th, 2019: