Procedure for Setting up a Cotutelle de Thèse

A cotutelle agreement can only be concluded in the first year of the doctorate. A cotutelle is administratively complex, therefore a request must be sufficiently justified. Please also consider other possibilities for networking and exchange (e.g. a regular PhD with external co-supervision; a stay as an "invited visiting student (PhD)" or as an "academic guest".

1. Application to the Graduate School
If you are interested in a Cotutelle at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of the University of Zurich, please send the completed application form (PDF, 722 KB) to the Graduate School ( Based on this information, the Graduate School will decide whether the requirements for a Cotutelle are met.

2. Cotutelle Agreement
Following approval by the Vice Dean, a Cotutelle Agreement can be developed between the participating universities. Approval by the Vice Dean is subject to the completion of the drafting of the agreement within four months (i.e., the agreement is ready for signatures). As soon as the doctoral student has received the confirmation of admission from both universities, all parties involved sign the agreement.

3. Enrollment
Doctoral students must be enrolled at both universities for the entire duration of the doctoral program. Fees must be paid at one university only. If there is no enrollment requirement for the partner university, doctoral students must pay the fees at the UZH. All doctoral students must pay the registration fees and the semester fees for the first semester at UZH.
Doctoral students are responsible for admission and enrollment at UZH and at the partner university. The regular application and enrollment deadlines for the doctorate at UZH also apply to Cotutelle doctoral students: Admission to the doctorate at UZH