Assistant Professorship for Social Theory and the Philosophy of Social Science

Prof. Dr. Catherine Herfeld

The chair covers a variety of topics within the fields of philosophy of science, history of science and social philosophy. The emphasis in both, research and teaching, is primarily placed on philosophy of social sciences, philosophy and history of economics, and methodology. While taking a systematic perspective, the formation and development of knowledge are always also examined in their respective context. Historical and sociological aspects are thus considered to be crucial for addressing some of the research questions about the different dimensions of knowledge production. Moreover, the relevance of philosophical analysis for science is emphasized. Current issues researched at this chair include, among other things, the epistemological potentials and limitations of rational choice theory in economics; processes of knowledge transfers in distinct contexts; means and conditions for the diffusion of knowledge; concept formation in the social sciences; and the application as well as the methodological reflection of empirical methods in philosophy and history of science. A further objective is to research the possible causes underlying the underrepresentation of women in philosophy as an academic discipline.