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Workshop: Topologische Phänomene in Quanten-Materialien

Experimentelle und theoretische Physiker trafen sich am 21. und 22. November, um neue Entwicklungen in der Forschung an topologischen und spin-bahn-gekoppelten stark korrelierten Materialien zu diskutieren.

Topology Workshop
This workshop brings together experimentalists and theorists working on topological phases of matter and strongly spin-orbit coupled systems. Recent developments in this field include the experimental realization of topological semimetals, novel materials that may harbor topological superconductivity as well advances in the preparation of spin-orbit coupled two-dimensional electron gases. In particular it will cover the subjects
(1) Topological metals and insulators
(2) Theory of interacting topological states of matter
(3) Spin-orbit interaction and correlated electron systems
(4) Unconventional superconductivity