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Open Day 2021, November 26

Members of the Physics Department presented 40 posters with current research directions and ideas for future experiments and lead through the mechanical workshop and the research laboratories.

Open Day

Winners of the poster competition

Condensed Matter

Condensed Matter

Studying the macroscopic and microscopic physical properties of matter

Poster in Condensed Matter Physics

29 Ruggero Frison et al. Between Bands and Bonds (PDF, 6 MB) Chang
30 Kevin Kramer Experimental Methods to Study Quantum Matter (PDF, 15 MB) Chang
31 Simon Jöhr Group of Oxide Interface Physics: Magnetic and Transport Structures (PDF, 1 MB) Gibert
32 Huanyao Cun 2D materials is the future: From fundamentals to electronics (PDF, 30 MB) Greber
33 Simon Flury et al. Making, Probing and Tuning of Quantum Matter (PDF, 19 MB) Janoschek
34 Sara Mustafi et al. Coherent Diffraction Imaging Methods of 2D Materials and Nanostructures (PDF, 7 MB) Latychevskaia
35 Ales Cahlik Cu3Au(111) - ordering/disordering & potential for cobalt island growth (PDF, 2 MB) Natterer
36 Berk Zengin Accelerated Quasiparticle Interference Mapping for Probing the Electronic Properties of 2D Quantum Materials Natterer
37 Bastien Lapierre Topological States of Quantum Matter (PDF, 15 MB) Neupert
38 Anastasiia Skurativska et al. (Quantum) systems in the open (PDF, 15 MB) Neupert
39 Mert Taskin et al. World Energy Issue: Contributions from Surface Science (PDF, 3 MB) Osterwalder
40 Huanlong Liu et al. Superconductivity in Lithium-Intercalated 2H-TaS2 Schilling


Bio- & Medical Physics


Studying disordered and out-of-equilibrium systems and medical applications

Astro(particle) & Cosmology

Astroparticle & Cosmology

Search for Dark Matter and neutrinoless double ß decay and studies of gravitational waves and theoretical astrophysics

Particle Physics

Particle Physics

Understanding the building blocks of matter