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Ereignisse 2016

Workshop on Topological Phenomena in Quantum Matter


21. - 22. November 2016, Zurich

This workshop brings together experimentalists and theorists working on topological phases of matter and strongly spin-orbit coupled systems. Recent developments in this field include the experimental realization of topological semimetals, novel materials that may harbor topological superconductivity as well advances in the preparation of spin-orbit coupled two-dimensional electron gases. In particular it will cover the subjects

International LISA Symposium

11th International LISA Symposium

5. – 9. September 2016, Zürich

Main topics after the recent development in the field of Gravitational Waves will be:first results from LISA Pathfinder, further development of LISA, overview of ground based Gravitational Wave detectors, and precision tests of General Relativity

QCD@LHC 2016


22. – 26. August 2016, Zurich

Annual conference series bringing together theorists and experimentalists working on hard scattering processes at the CERN LHC.

Boost 2016

BOOST 2016

18. - 11. July 2016, Zurich

8th International Workshop on Boosted Object Phenomenology, Reconstruction and Searches in HEP

ZWP 2016: Higgs physics at the LHC

6-8 January 2016, Zurich

The Zurich Phenomenology workshop brought together leading researchers from experimental and theoretical elementary particle physics to discuss recent results on Higgs related observables and their impact on the search for new physics at the LHC.