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Dectris Preis für die beste Masterarbeit in Experimentalphysik

Soluyanov Preis für die beste Masterarbeit in theoretischer Physik

Awards in 2023

  • Mohammad Alminawi: Soluyanov Prize für die beste theoretische Masterarbeit über
     "Composite Nambu-Goldstone Higgs Models"
  •  Livio Redard-Jacot: Dectris Prize für de beste experimentelle Masterarbeit über
      "Search for Radiation from Wave Function Collapse and Electric Field Characterization in XENONnT".

Awards in 2022

  • Jens Oppliger (group Natterer & Chang): Dectris prize for the best experimental master thesis at our institute: Sparse sampling for fast quasiparticle interference mapping using a scanning tunneling microscope and Deep learning based denoising of low counting statistics X-ray diffraction data
  • David Urwyler (group Neupert): Soluyanov Prize for the best theoretical master thesis at our institute: Hyperbolic topological band insulators
  • Dario de Simone (group Serra) wins an award at LHCP2022 for his poster describing SND@LHC (JPG, 2 MB)
  • Michael Dennler (group Neupert) gets the SPS General Physics Award for his research on topological insulators
  • Nikita Astrakhantsev (group Neupert) and his team (Opti-Maze) won the MIT quantum computing Hackathon ( in the Challenge of Microsoft & IonQ.
  • Yumeng Xu (group Jetzer) won the second prize for the best poster (PDF, 5 MB) in the GWPAW conference held in Hannover, Germany (prize-winners)

Awards in 2021

  • Vera Hiu-Sze Wu (group Baudis): Dectris prize for the best experimental master thesis at our institute. Title of her thesis: Low Energy Calibration for GERDA and Characterization of Wavelength-shifters and Reflectors

  • Kenny Choo (group Neupert), won the 2021 SPS thesis award for his PhD work on Neural Network Quantum States  in the category Computational Physics.

  • Marino Missiroli (group Caminada) won a CMS award
    For his exceptional contributions to the trigger in almost every single area: online operations, data quality monitoring, Run2/Run3 preparation, and the jet/MET effort for Phase-II

  • Nudzeim Selimovic, (group Isidori), won the first prize on the Bosnian competition for best 3-min outreach video presentation on their PhD program (announcement)

Awards in 2020

Awards in 2019