Abgeschlossene Masterarbeiten

Elementarteilchenphysik (seit 2006)


Astrophysik und Kosmologie (seit 2008)

Physik der kondensierten Materie (seit 2007)

  • Alloying CdTe with Se, a possible route to improve solar cells, Spescha (2016) (PDF, 2683 KB)
  • Development of an experimental setup for fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy using time-corraleted single photon counting technique, Pataki (2016)
  • The impact of range adjusted ITV on integral dose, cancer risk and normal tissue complication probability in proton therapy and comparison to photon therapy, Lonsky (2016)
  • Electronic and Spatial Structures of Self-Assembled Diamondoid Monolayers, Baumgartner (2016) (PDF, 16191 KB)
  • Investigation of a Semiconductor / Molecule Junction: (Co)Pyrphyrin on TiO2, Graf (2015)
  • Characterisation of an Imaging Spin Detector and First Proof-of-Principle Time-Resolved Measurements, Holenstein (2015)
  • First steps towards graphene nanoribbon device applications, Lauber (2014)
  • Insitu Ion Implantation beneath Boron Nitride Nanomesh, Arulanantham (2014)
  • Sauberes Graphen durch katalytische Polymer-Zersetzung, Bachmann (2014)
  • Inbetriebnahme einer spinpolarisierten Elektronenquelle und Nachweis der Spinpolarisierung, Eisenring (2014)
  • Study of the Molecular Switch of TBA / AU(111) by Photoelectron Diffraction and Absorption Spectroscopy, Schuler (2014) 
  • Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy of the Topological Insulator GeBi4-xSbxTe7, Muff (2013)
  • Determination of the Binding Energy of  Water to GFP with TDS, Obrecht (2013)
  • Spin-polarisierte Elektronenkanone, Rosenberg (2012)
  • Lateral Segregation in h-BN/PtRh(III), Stania (2012)
  • Mie resonance spectroscopy of single levitated particle, Yiea-Funk (2012)
  • Assembly and Characterization of Tungsten Carbide Field Emitters, Waldvogel (2012)
  • Luminescence Mapping of Ordered Silver Nanoclusters on Hexagonal Boron Nitride Nanomesh, Bernard (2012)
  • PbTe Quantum Well Vertical External Cavity Surface Emitting Laser, Rodriguez, (2011)
  • Design and Implementation of a Miniaturized Electron Optical Column, Wicki (2011) 
  • Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detectors based on TaN Thin Films, Aeschbacher (2011)
  • Measurement of Longitudinal Nuclear Magnetism with NMR Probes, Gross (2011) 
  • Development of an Interferometer-Based Transient Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectrometer, Hausherr (2011)
  • Experimental Study on the Binding Properties between Water- and DNA-Molecules, Lanfranconi (2011)
  • Elastic Properties of Growing 2D Foam, Schindlberger (2011)
  • Si/SiO-Braggspiegel für Scheibenlaser, Hobrecker (2011)
  • COPHEE and SMOKE. In-situ Surface Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect Setup for the Spin- and Angle-Resolved Photoemission Experiment COPHEE, Landolt (2010)
  • Current-induced Domain Wall Propagation, Schwarz (2010)
  • Magnetism and Superconductivity of Iron Chalcogenide FeSe(1-x) and its Relation to the Preparation, Ichsanow (2010)
  • Graphene on h-BN Nanomesh, Böni (2009)
  • Photon Emission during Inelastic Tunneling with Nanometer Resolution from the h-BN/Rh(111) Nanomesh, Thomann (2009)
  • Gepulste Elektronenholografie, Germann (2008)
  • Realisierung eines Tieftemperatureinsatzes für hochsensitive Drehmomentmagnetometrie, Mosele (2008)
  • Lumineszenz von h-BN Nanomesh, Schmidlin (2008)
  • Two-Photon Photoemission from Tetramantane, Roth (2008)
  • Electrochemical and UHV Investigations of the h-BN Nanomesh Surface, Mattle (2008)
  • Investigation of Lateral Surround-gated Nanowire Filed-effective Tranistors, Enderlein (2008)
  • Effect of Vortex Shaking on the Resistivity of Type-II-superconductors, Menzi (2007)
  • Untersuchung von YBa2 (Cu1-xFex)4 O8+δ mit der Methode der Kernquadrupolresonanz (NQR), Kuhn (2007)
  • Time-resolved Photoemission from n-BN/Ni(111) across the Ferromagnetic Transition, Leuenberger (2007)
  • Electronic Excitations in Doped Phtahlocganine Molecular Crystals, Flatz (2007)


Medizinische Physik

Theoretische Physik (2007 bis 2013)