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Physik-Institut Group of Laura Baudis

Maximinio Adrover

Maximinio Adrover

  • MSc Student

Maxi enjoyed an education in physics at the University of Zurich where he received his bachelor's degree and wrote his thesis on the topic of Lepton Flavour Universlity in B⁰ -> K⁺pi⁻(J/psi -> l⁺l⁻) decays in the group of Prof. Nicola Serra. He continues his studies as a master student in particle physics and is currently working on his master's thesis for which he is hoping to construct a small-scale two-phase xenon TPC to test novel Hamamatsu flat panel type PMTs.

Concerning hobbies, he enjoys music, listening of course as well as making it to his best abilities, taking a refreshing swim, preferably in rivers or the sea, and sports involving tables like table tennis or table football.