Research in the Natterer Group

What would you build today?

In our group, we are trying to understand how matter receives her properties from the interactions among individual atoms. Since the number of atoms in common matter is overwhelmingly huge, we build artificial quantum matter from scratch, one atom at a time. This allows us to monitor exactly when certain new properties emerge and we then use that knowledge to steer the emergence of interesting quantum behavior. 



We use advanced scanning probe microscopy (SPM) techniques to assemble atoms into desired structures and we use SPM to characterize the properties of this artificial quantum matter via tunneling spectroscopy, time-resolved pump-probe methods, and SPM based electron spin resonance. We also develop novel measurement techniques based on compressive sensing and nonlinear spectroscopy to speed-up SPM measurements.

Want to join?

We are looking for motivated Bachelor, Master, and PhD students who are eager to learn about single atom magnets and want to use and develop advanced SPM techniques to interrogate artificial quantum matter for its quirky properties. 

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Group Picture July 2019

Group Photo July 2019

Fabian Natterer, Lorena Niggli, Alana Gudinas, Jens Oppliger