Minor for 30 ECTS credits

Compulsory Modules

  • PHY111 Physics I and PHY121 Physics II (8 CP each)
  • PHY131 Physics III (8 CP)
  • PHY102 Lab course for minors (6 CP)

For students who have to take Physics for Science (PHY118 and PHY128) or Physics for Lifescience (PHY117 and PHY127) in the Major:

  • PHY131 Physics III (8 CP)
  • PHY141 Physics IV (5 CP)
  • PHY102 Lab course for minors (6 CP)
  • PHY110 Supplements to Physics I (2 ECTS)
  • PHY120 Supplements to PhysicsII (2 ECTS)

modules from the elective part of the Minor Program with 60 ECTS can be chosen for the missing 7 ECTS.



Study guide

The Guide to Physics Studies (PDF, 504 KB) provides comprehensive information about the Bachelor's and Master's programs.